Thank You For Re-Explaining That To Me, But I Still Don't Understand:

A series of visual artworks trying to keep in conversation with themselves while forgetting what it was they were talking about in the first place.

No matter how much they try to maintain focus with one another they can't help but lose it after a page or two.

Tiny bits of information might survive across several diverting understandings and interpretations - but whatever conclusion reached is hardly a proper response to the initially posed question or idea.

This book might be like getting asked the question, "do you think the elections look promising?" and naturally arriving at the answer "the peach was delicious" while laying bare the distorted thought process that led you to that response.

30pg (34 with covers), risograph printed, perfect bound book. Published by Can Can Press in Mexico City in early 2020.



"Making clearer and more illusive at the same time"


16 page zine risograph printed in 4 inks: Fluo Pink, Federal Blue, Yellow, and Metallic Gold. Features textures, illustrations and comics tied together by a poem. Made in collaboration with Élise Rigollet in Spring of 2019.

Miscellaneous prints and one-offs: